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Friday 4 January 2013

Friday, 4th January, 2013.

Happy New Year to all of you!
We have another fine group of photos to start 2013.
These are from Yoshi (Anonymous Statue), Hyde Daily Photo (Reflections in Black and White), Lina (Empty), Ankush Samant (Hum Samundar Hain!), Maboe (Out into the snow?), and The Chieftess (Let There Be Wine!!!).

You can visit the original posts by clicking on the linked names above the pictures. It's always well worth seeing the original photos full-size.




Carver said...

These are all great. I love the portrait of the child.

Vane M. said...

Lindas escolhas, Dragon, a da mesa de madeira e da criança são fantásticas! Um abraço!

SteveF325 said...

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe celebration. Looking forward to a great year of photo's and fun.

Annemor said...

Great photos.
Happy new yearr.

HansHB said...

Love them all!
A Happy New B&WPhotoyear to you!

Kicki said...

Perfect mix! Happy new year!

Yoshi said...

Happy New Year.
And thank you for choosing my photo!

carol l mckenna said...

Fantastic photography ~ so glad to have found your blog ~ first time here ~ Wonderful ^_^ ~

Thanks for hosting ^_^

( A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

Victoria said...

Happy New Year to everybody !
I like the cat, in your selection.
Catlover indeed !

Unknown said...

Sorry but I posted the wrong image as entry 36. Please delete. The right image is in entry 37. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff (as usual).

lina@home sweet home said...

Thanks for choosing my pic :)
Happy New Year to all!

TheChieftess said...

Thank you, Dragonstar, for including my shot in the six picks!!!

RobertN said...

Happy New Year to everybody !

AmitAag said...

Great pictures!
Thank you for hosting!
I'm here:

Alexa said...

More excellent selections—and Happy New Year, everyone!

Janet said...

All inspire me, and I especially like Gerald's floor reflection.

Leonora said...

Beautiful images, well picked.
Happy New Year!

Alice´s Eventyrland said...

My first time here, and I find it wonderfull with this theme of Black & White!
I just added my link, Thanks for the great idea :)

Mildred said...

Great selection as usual!
Thanks for sharing.
Wishing you the most beautiful 2013!

Have a nice weekend, Dragonstar****

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Unknown said...

Thank you for selecting my portrait! :)

Have a wonderful day! :)

TheChieftess said...

Ooops! I forgot I already linked to my Regal Perch!!!

Leovi said...

  Yes, today my favorite is Hyde Daily Photo (Reflections in Black and White) beautiful reflections on the wet floor.