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Friday, 5 June 2020

Friday, 5th June, 2020.

This week I have sad news.  RobertN has passed away because of COVID-19.  I have copied the following from his blog.

 "I regret to inform you that on May 30, my father died at the hospital, Robert Nicolaescu died of coronavirus infection. There, while he was being treated for epilepsy, he was left to suffer by the nurses, always complaining that he didn't care and didn't help them at all, but he helped the other patients as if it were his job, heroically. After a week spent there, exactly on the day he had to be discharged, he was tested positive for this virus and will be in quarantine for a week with other patients. The last week, the 3rd, he spent it intubated, sedated. He died without pain, alone. Too bad the only thing that could save him from the daily torments was death itself. Farewell to all who frequented this blog, his life shall not be in vain. Consider this:  every little thing that he made required a lot of effort for him, his drawings are a testament to the fact that if you want to do something , as long as you want with all your heart, absolutely nothing will hold you back."

I'm  sure you'll agree that Robert's contributions will be missed.

On a happier note, these photos were posted by Merle (Wellenbrecher an der Ostsee), Rob (Grand Rue), kwarkito (Père et enfant), Debbie (A maze of lines overhead), Pictografio (In the glassworks), and Linda (Water and rock).

Click the links above or the photos themselves to view them full size - it's worth it


 If I'm unable to comment on your post, whatever the reason, I want you to know that I still look at and appreciate your photos


Taken For Granted said...

You are successful at choosing great photos from last week to feature here.

Elkes Lebensglück said...

Thanks for letting me know he was a fabulous person and photographer I mourn him!
Greetings Elke

Follygirl said...

This is sad news.
I will miss Robert N.
Farewell Robert!

Pictografio said...

It is the saddest news I got today :(
Robert saw and commented on dozens of my photos, always been enthusiastic and nice. I'll be missing him :(

Klara said...

thank you for letting us know about Robert. :(

Debbie at Travel with Intent said...

Very sad news. Farewell Robert

Lydia C. Lee said...

Goodness. I am so, so sorry. That is awful. My condolences. It's so awful to think what it must be like for those that have to go through it alone at the moment. And I am so sorry for his family who must be adrift in emotions and not able to farewell him properly.

Lachezar said...

Thank you for sharing the news about Robert's passing.
Absolutely heartbreaking. So, so sad.

Linda said...

I cried when I read the news about Robert. I always looked forward to his photos and drawings.

Thank you for hosting this page. We have a good community here.

Rob Siemann said...

RIP, my friend

rupam sarma said...

So sad to read about RobertN.
May his soul rest in peace. Prayers _()_

magiceye said...

Very sad news. Om Shanti _/\_