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Saturday 22 August 2020


I wish to appologise to you all.
I'm likely to be late visiting you this weekend.
My husband Aileni, once known as Monochromaniac, passed away peacefully in his sleep last night.
I'll visit you whenever I get a chance!


Tom said... apology is needed, my sympathy to you!

Dragonstar said...

Thank you Tom

Rob Siemann said...

So sorry for you loss. I lost my mum on August 2nd.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

My Sympathies to you.

molly said...

You are super in my thoughts right now. Take all the time you need. If you would like someone else to pick the 6 images this week I would be happy to do that for you. I could email it to you and then all you have to so is post it.

Absolutely no worries if not. Just happy to help if I can

Take care


Dragonstar said...

Rob, I'm sorry for your loss as well. It's never easy.

Alycia-Quiltygirl, thanks for the sympathy.

Molly, that's so considerate of you! Thank you, I'd be glad for the help in case time runs too short.

isabella kramer - veredit said...

My warmest thoughts are with you. So sorry for your loss. Take all time you need.


Lachezar said...

My condolences. Please take your time. Aileni will be remembered. May he rest in peace.

Jutta.K. said...

Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that.
It is tough to lose a beloved person.
I wish you lots of strengh.
Unknown my condolences.

molly said...

If you want to email me then you can let me know exactly what you would like...IE just send you the links or grab the images for you too


NatureFootstep said...

sorry for your loss. We all know this is hard times.
Take care and come back when ready.


Monica at NatureFootstep

Klara said...

so sorry for your loss. take care.

kwarkito said...

Sorry for this loss. My warmest thoughts to you. I wish you strength and courage.

Elkes Lebensglück said...

sorry for your loss. We all know this is hard times.
Take care and come back when ready.

rupam sarma said...

Sad to read.
Prayers _()_
Take care.

Mascha said...

So sad to read this... and only today (was absent from bloggerland).
Sorry for your loss, my condolences and good thoughts for you.

Pictografio said...

I'm so, so sorry :((
You shouldn't even apologize for it.
Take care of yourself

Tanya Breese said...

I am so very sorry ♥️