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Friday 20 September 2019

20th September, 2019.

I have a big apology to make - Aileni has been unwell, and I was unable to visit any of you last week.  I shall get on with my visiting as soon as I can, and post my choices for both weeks next time.


NatureFootstep said...

I hope Aileni will be better soon. :) Take care, both of you.

Monica /NatureFootstep

Dragonstar said...

@NatureFootstep - Monica, thank you so much for your kind wishes!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry or apologize to us...You take care of yourself and Aileni...:)jp

Debbie at Travel with Intent said...

I hope Alieni is on the mend.

Dragonstar said...

A Quiet Corner and Debbie, thank you both. Aileni is in hospital at the moment, but I hope it won't be for long.

kwarkito said...

I hope Aileni will get better. I wish you a good weekend.

RobertN said...

Health is pure gold. Take care.
I wish you and Aileni the best!
Best regards to all!

rupam sarma said...

Hope Aileni feel better. Take care.
Best wishes.

Linda said...

Best wishes to your husband. I see on your blog that he celebrated his 80th a few years ago. I hope he gets back home soon.

Jutta.K. said...

All the best for her dear husband. May one do the best for him in the hospital!
best regards

isabella kramer - veredit said...

Taking care of your loved ones is much more important than anything other! So no need for apologizing. My very best wishes for a speedy recovery of Aileni and all my best wishes for you both.

warmest regards,

magiceye said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Aileni. Take care.

Klara said...

Best wishes. Take care.